Full-body Swedish massage
1.5 hour full body massage.

Hot lava stone massage
1.5 hour full body treatment, a combination of Swedish Massage and Hot Lava Stone Massage.

Back, neck and shoulder massage
1 hour treatment. Massage your back with a Swedish massage.

Healing and regenerating massage
1 hour spine repair and regenerative massage.

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger Point Massage.

Therapeutic snuff pack / fango
Therapeutic snuff / fango (using Hungarian sludges from medicinal spas).

Kineziotape Technique to relieve pain from foot to head!

Massage with special pain relief, health improvement, relaxing and regenerating herbal oil extracts.

Rub the dead epidermis with various carrier materials.

Other treatments

Foot reflexology massage machine
Foot reflexology with massaging machine, 24 rollers, inflatable pillows, recreation for tired feet!

Cellulite massage
Cellulite massage.