Dog massage

Owner Relaxes Dog With Strokes

When someone plays with your hair 😊😂Danzig Bros

Posted by LADbible on Monday, May 7, 2018

Car parking and shuttle

Free and easy parking, if you do not have a car or you do not want to drive after your relaxation, you are welcome to take you home or pick you up at home by car, of course, absolutely free of charge.

Kinesiology tape

Something strained in my shoulders and triceps. Éva next to the massage, she applied her favorite new method: the Kinesio tape. I am now like the great Olympians! However, this tapeing is very good, it is surprisingly important: it keeps the injured parts (as if it had had bandage before) and has a pain-relieving effect. It just feels nice to have the tape-principle of my arm now. Of course we use the best quality tape, Nasara.